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The Floor Konnection: Installation Specialists in Rancho Cordova

The Floor Konnection is firmly committed to the idea that your floor covering installation should be professionally done from start to finish in accordance with your requirements.Our installation professionals know that the way our flooring products are installed is just as important to our customers in the Rancho Cordova area as the products themselves. Whether you select hardwood flooring, carpets or laminates, you can rely on the fact that the finished project will be all you expect—or more!
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Our qualified installation team is experienced in the installation of every kind of flooring including the very latest in hardwood flooring and laminates. When we install your floors, you can be certain that we'll meet your expectations every time. The Floor Konnection has spent many years satisfying customers in the Rancho Cordova area by always providing a top quality installation whether the project is large or small.

We can assure you that your allotted time and your monetary limits aren't merely suggestions to us they're our primary considerations. We fully understand just how important it is for you to have your remodeling or new flooring installed on time, and without exceeding your budget for the project.

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The Floor Konnection Installation Professionals Stand Ready to Fill Any Need You May Have Including:

  • Removing furniture
  • Removing fixtures and flooring
  • Installing new hardwood floors, carpet and laminate
  • Removal of all trash after completing the project

The Floor Konnection is proud to have many satisfied customers in Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills, and metropolitan Sacramento. We look forward to adding you to this growing list.

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