Laminate floors aren't wood, though they usually appear to be. Rather, laminate floors are entirely manufactured. They can be made to look like nearly anything, but most often they're made to look like wood.

Laminate floors are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and hold up well to wear. Because laminate floors are moisture resistant, they can be used in areas where the material they're imitating can't be, such as in a basement laundry room.

Just about everybody has heard the term "laminate floor" but how is it made? What it is made of? The diagram below can help answer and show why laminate floors are so durable and popular with families with children and pets. 

A. A transparent, protective wear layer is resistant to dogs, cats, chairs, and high heels.

B. The decorative layer provides a high-definition, detailed image. Laminate flooring manufacturers have the technology and capability to realistically simulate everything from hardwood to marble to stone.

C. A high-density fiberboard core (or HDF) offers impact resistance, stability and durability.

D. A layer of melamine resin offers additional structural stability and moisture resistance.

E. Underlayment (which may or may not be built into the laminate floor product) is a requirement for any installation. It’s helpful in absorbing some of the minor imperfections in the subfloor, reducing some noise when walking on the floor, and softening some of the impact. Some under-layments also offer a moisture barrier on one side, which is a good idea for bathroom and wet-area installations.

Laminate floors snap together and float above an existing floor or subfloor. So long as an old floor is level and not carpet, our flooring experts can install laminate floors very quickly.

Maybe best of all, laminate flooring is stain- and fade-resistant and has a tendency to repel water, which makes it an ideal choice for an active family home.

Laminate floors don’t need any special cleaners or special treatment to keep its looks. It never needs to be waxed or polished. At the same time, it can't be refinished, but planks can be replaced quickly and affordably.

Laminate floors are an affordable option for a short or long term flooring solution. If you're in the market for a laminate floor, give us a call or come down and visit the showroom to chat with our owner, Daniel Meidinger – Sacramento’s most knowledgeable flooring expert.