As hard as you try to keep your wood floors looking brand new, a scratch is bound to happen eventually. Luckily for you, we have a few tips on how to fix your floors when they get damaged.

Assess the damage

First, you need to assess the damage. Is it just a scratch on the surface? A light scratch? Or is it a more noticeable deep gouge? Each type of scratch will require a different technique to hide the damage.

Once you’ve decided what kind of damage you are working with, it’s easier to determine how to fix it.

Just a scratch on the protective coating?

Luckily for you, this is the easiest kind of scratch to fix.

·         Clean the scratched area with a clean cloth and hardwood floor cleaner.

·         Wipe with water and a new cloth.

·         After the area dries, apply a new coat of your protective coating.

·         Allow to dry overnight and voila! Good as new!

Light scratch?

If your scratch is light, but goes past the protective coating, you have a few options for repair.

·         Camouflage your scratch

o   You can hide your small scratches by covering with a crayon, marker, or wax sticks. These items are made to help you hide scratches in wood and come in a variety of colors to help you match your stain.

·         Homemade Polish

o   This might take a little longer than other options, but might be an option for you if you can’t run to the store or can’t find the right shade to attempt to camouflage.

o   Mix equal parts olive oil and vinegar, pour on the scratch and let sit for 24 hours. Wipe the polish off. Continue until the scratch disappears.

·         Use steel wool

o   Start by cleaning the area with a soft cloth.

o   Carefully rub the steel wool along the surface of the scratch until the scratch disappears. Always rub with the grain. Never rub against the grain. It can make the scratch more noticeable.

o   Rub a wax stick on the area to fill it in.

o   Clean the area with soft cloth.

Have a deep gouge?

While it’s best to consult a professional to fix large scratches, there is a home remedy that is available.

·         Use lightweight sandpaper to sand down the scratch.

o   Rub the area with Mineral Spirits using a clean, soft cloth.            

o   Use a plastic putty knife to fill the area with wood filler.

o   Sand the filler after it has dried.

o   Using a natural bristle brush, refinish the area with polyurethane.

As hard as we try to keep our floors looking fresh, unfortunately, life happens. Here are a few tips to help you keep your floors looking their best:

·         Keep doormats close to doors to collect dirt and rocks before they get tracked onto your floor.

·         Sweep as often as you can.

·         Keep shoes off the floors as much as possible.

·         Keep pets nails neatly trimmed.

·         Keep felt pads under furniture legs.