​Light or dark? Slat or plank? A hint of color or not? With so many different options, choosing your hardwood floors can be a daunting task. How do you know what to choose? Because the decision process includes so many different factors, we’ve compiled a list for you to review in order to pick the right floors.
Size of your room
Does your room have high ceilings? Is your space on the smaller side? For smaller rooms, you typically want to stray away from dark colors as dark hues can make your room appear even smaller. However, if you have an ample amount of natural light, dark floors can work in a smaller space.
Large spaces allow you to showcase your floor and use it as a main design element, making bolder colors and hues possible and flattering.
Existing room décor
You will want your floors to compliment the rest of your room. Think about the color and texture of your walls. If your walls are dark, go with a lighter colored floor to complement them. The combination of dark walls and dark flooring can make your room appear gloomy.
Would you like to contrast or match?
While you never want to choose a color that is identical to your walls or furniture, you do want to complement them. Choose a color that goes well with your room, it doesn’t need to be the same color as your décor to match, since too much of one color can be overbearing. Like walls, floors can be used as an accent in a room. Dark floors can complement your white or light décor well, just as light floors can complement your dark furniture.
But make sure to maintain balance; just as too much of one color can be overbearing, if your room has too many opposite colors and textures, it can look too busy. 
Modern or Traditional?
Dark and contrasting colors are a popular choice for a modern look. Light colors are a traditional look for all spaces. Another thing to think about is the look of your floors, not just the color. For a chic look, choose a floor with a high gloss and sleek lines. If you are hoping for a more rustic look, there are floors that have natural grain and knots in them to bring out your rustic décor. 
No matter what your style is, you will want to take advantage of floor samples. It’s a big decision choosing a floor you love. Take a sample home with you and hold it up to your furniture and walls, to see the way it will look in the light of your home.

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