With so many different styles of window coverings, how do you go about choosing the right one for your home?

First of all, you need to figure out what you want your shades to do. Do you want privacy? More light? Less light? Once you figure out what you want the purpose of your window treatment to be, you can narrow down your options. Here are some great options to get you started.


These honeycomb shades offer a range of light-control options from sheer to opaque. Honeycomb has cells within the shades which help keep cold out in the winter and in during the summer. These blinds are known to help save on energy. They give maximum privacy while still allowing natural light in.

These shades offer optimum lighting. They have a Signature S-Vane floating in between two sheers. Just tilt the vanes to adjust light to your desire. These would go wonderfully in a living room or kitchen where natural light is a must.


Much like the Silhouette shades, these have a vane attached to a sheer backing. These are great for rooms that need natural light at times, and privacy at other times. When open, they bring in a softened light. When closed, they look just like contemporary shades.


These vertical sheers are best for large windows or sliding glass doors. With a 180-degree motion, they let you be in control of how much light or privacy you want.

If you are looking for style, these shades offer it! Similar to Roman Shades, these have consistent folds that are customizable to fit your style. They offer maximum privacy while still letting in some natural light.

These glorious gliding window panels are a modern twist on vertical blinds. They add style into any room and come in many different fabrics so you can decide how much privacy, light and style you want from them.  You can even use these off the window as a room divider.

As you can see, there are several window coverings to choose from. Once you decide on the style that you love, you can customize them to your liking. If you are looking for more light, choose a sheer option. If it’s privacy you are looking for, choose a thicker fabric. 

Whatever coverings you choose, we are here to help. Come on down to our showroom to see all the different styles for yourself. Our experts are here for you and can answer any questions you may have. As a Premier Hunter Douglas retailer, we are sure you will find the perfect window covering for your home.